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Welcome to Protoezy

Protoezy is your online partner for hardware development. Starting from evaluating an Idea, to building your first prototype, we assist you at any stage of the development.

If you have a concept of an application, we will design it for you and deliver the source files.

If you already have a design, we will manufacture it even if the quantity required is one.


Why choose us

Clean Pricing

Every requirement is classified based on the domain expertise required to execute it and end use of it. This clasification results in a fair and consistant pricing to everyone.

Quick Quote

Once all the clarification is received, both design and manufacturing orders are quoted within 24 hours .The quotation includes a detailed proposal, listing out the approach, scope, timelines & deliverables.

Online Order Processing

Interactive Web application to gather data systematically and provide hassle-free experience in quotation, payments, support and delivery.

Real time updates

Real-Time status updates are provided at every stage of the order. Access to design and manufacturing teams of the current order through direct chat.


We follow a stringent policy towards information safety and security. Every order is backed by an NDA duly signed.

Passionate Team

All our engineers are passionate towards electronic hardware. We are only focused in that domain and constantly upgrading ourselves with latest technology.

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  • Approve proposal
  • Make Payment
  • Download design files
  • Upload Gerbers & BOM
  • Get quote
  • Make Payment
  • Receive circuit boards


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